Ever taken a second to wonder what its like to work as part of a design team within healthcare? This is a great opportunity to get into the minds of 2 top tier international Clinical UXers, who have unbelievable experience working across all aspects of design within a range of healthcare technology projects.

Speaker 1:
Jaco Van Den Heever - Johannesburg, South Africa.
Experience Design Strategist & Health-Tech Entrepreneur
Whole App || My Blood Test || Sand Dollar Design
Presentation: Re-imagining the Patient Experience

Speaker 2:
Husband and wife duo - Dr Gyles and Vanetta Morrison - Mainz, Germany
Clinical UX, Behaviour Change and Digital Therapeutics Specialist
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals
Topic: Clinical UX and Covid-19

Whether you're in healthcare UX yourself or not this will be a fascinating insight into the research, process and design elements within Healthcare, and the impacts of the current pandemic on patient UX.