What will the long term impact of the growing movement by men to be more engaged fathers to our children? Dr. Kevin Shafer, an associate professor of Sociology at Brigham Young University, is conducting ongoing research which reveals the surprising impact of engaged fathers and how that engagement later shows up in the adult lives of their sons. Hint: It’s really good news for gender equity.

Join us for a remarkable conversation with Dr. Kevin Shafer about the transformational power of fatherhood.

The Remaking Manhood Podcast is devoted to bringing you powerful conversations with the men and women leading the  healthy masculinity movement. For generations, our culture has taught us  a narrow and limiting set of rules for how to be a man. The end result?  Epidemic levels of isolation and violence for boys and men and for the  multitude of others who’s lives we impact.

But we can make a different choice. We can choose a masculinity of  connection and in return have healthier relationships, and more  meaningful, lasting lives.

As a writer, speaker and consultant, Mark Greene has spent over a  decade deconstructing our binary-riddled dialogues around manhood and masculinity. He consults to organizations world wide on diversity,  inclusion and masculinity. Mark is the author of The Little #MeToo Book for Men, Remaking Manhood and is co-author with Dr. Saliha Bava of The Relational Book for Parenting. You can learn more about Mark’s work at RemakingManhood.com

Charles Matheus is an educator and public speaker who has mentored  hundreds of men in communication, leadership, & emotional growth.  You can learn more about his work at CharlesMatheus.com

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