Developer Northfear has released Vanilla Conquer for PS Vita, which will let you enjoy old school RTS games Command & Conquer and Red Alert on your favorite portable console. Vanilla conquer participates in the KyuHEN Vita Homebrew competition, a contest with more than $1000 in cash prizes.

What is Vanilla Conquer for PS Vita?

Vanilla Conquer is a fully portable version of the first-generation C&C engine and can run both Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert on multiple platforms.

The focus of Vanilla Conquer is to keep the default out-of-box experience faithful to what the games were back when they were released and work as a drop-in replacement for the original executables while also providing bug fixes, compatibility and quality of life improvements.

This is a PS Vita port of this engine.

Download, install and run Vanilla Conquer on PS Vita

You can find all the necessary files on the Download page here. This includes the VPK Files, as well as all the required files for Command & Conquer and Red alert. Please note that those games have been Freeware for a while, so as long as you have the vpk, you get find the data files on other websites if the link above does not work.

Install VPK files to your PS Vita.

Extract archives with data and copy “VanillaTD” and “VanillaRA” folders into “ux0:data/”.

Game is optimized for touch controls.

  • Left/Right analog stick – Map scrolling
  • CIRCLE – Right mouse button (Cancel building, deselect unit..)
  • CROSS – G (Guard Area)
  • SQUARE – F (Formation. RA only I guess)
  • TRIANGLE – X (Scatter Units)
  • D-Pad Up/Right/Down/Left – 1/2/3/4 button
  • R1 – Alt (force move)
  • L1 – Ctrl (force attack)
  • SELECT – Esc (opens menu, skips videos)
  • START – Enter (to submit score after the mission)

Use R1 + D-Pad to create teams (1-4) and D-Pad to select them (same as Ctrl + 1-4 on keyboard). You can use DPad numbers while entering savegame names.


Source: KyuHEN

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