PS4 Hacker Sleirsgoevy has released an update to the 7.55 PS4 Jailbreak initially published a few days ago.

It is unclear what this update does specifically, but it does contain significant updates to the main code in jb.js. Some people report that it has fixed issues related to kernel panic on their end. If you’re running into issues with the Jailbreak, it is recommended you update to this version.

As a reminder, any update to the Jailbreak itself cannot fix the underlying (lack of) reliability of the Webkit exploit, which is known to be quite unstable. In practice, this means you have to retry the exploit multiple times before it succeeds.

Download PS4 7.55 Jailbreak

You can download the updated PS4 7.55 Jailbreak here.

You will need to host it on a personal server, and point your PS4 browser to your local server’s url. Alternatively, this updated version will most likely be hosted on third parties within the next few hours. Couple this jailbreak with the recently released Mira for full CFW support on your PS4.

Source: Sleirsgoevy

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