QuickJump allows you to bookmark directories and switch between them easily

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QuickJump allows you to bookmark directories and switch between them easily. It's like a URL shortener but it's designed for your local machine.

Supported platforms

I tried it under Linux only. It works with Bash and ZSH too. I think it should also work under Mac OS.


QuickJump in action


When I work on a project, there are about 5 directories that I visit very often and I change a lot between them. Sometimes, switching between folders takes several seconds because I forget where they are precisely. QuickJump lets me change between directories with the speed of light :)


  • Copy quickjump.py to somewhere.
  • In quickjump.py, modify the value of DB_FILE. It contains the path of the database file that will be created.
  • Add the content of function.bash / function.zsh to your shell's settings file (depending on what you use, Bash or ZSH). Modify the variable QJ to point on quickjump.py.
  • Open a new terminal and issue the command qj.


QuickJump generates a hash for a directory, it'll be the bookmark. Of course, you can change it by editing the database file (quickjump.json) manually. Just make sure that all bookmarks are unique. The software generates 3 characters long bookmarks but you can use shorter / longer bookmarks if you want.