Rails hackathon prototyping kit. Go live in 2 minutes with Rapid on Rails.

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Rapid on Rails - A fast Ruby on Rails prototyping framework

Rapid on Rails is a quick-start prototyping framework with customizations, quick start examples, and configurations to launch a web service quickly on a hosting provider like Heroku. It includes common gems and configurations to spend less time on initial configuration.

Currently, you can go from zero-to-live in about 120 seconds with the bootstrap and deployment command in the Get Started section.

What's in the box

Aside from having a Ruby on Rails instance setup on Heroku in under 2 minutes you also have some common useful tools

  • Bootstrap 3
  • Glyphicons
  • Devise for users
  • Support for Stripe

Get Started

Run the following command in terminal with your project name to get up and running:

ruby -e "$(curl -L" project_name

This will clone the repository to a local directory, project_name. If you have the heroku toolchain installed, it can also setup the app ready to deploy to a setup heroku instance.

To complete setup locally, you may need to install rvm, update Bundler, and run the following commands:

 rvm install ruby-2.6.5
 # Update to Bundler2 
 gem update --system
 gem install bundler
 # Setup
 bundle install
 heroku local

 # Open at http://localhost:5000/

When you're ready to deploy

 # To Deploy
 git push heroku master
 # To Add origin (useful if you want to use a repository host)
 git remote add origin <Github/BitBucket URL>

If you need a background worker

 # Pay for a worker dyno
 heroku ps:scale worker=1

When you're ready to be legit and run production loads

 # Upgrade your dynos to a paid plan
 heroku ps:scale web=2

 # Enable Preboot
 heroku features:enable preboot

Common Tasks

Deployment tasks

 # Deploy to Heroku (Maintainence mode and deploy)
 rake deploy:prod
 # Associate a domain to the heroku instance
 heroku domains:add

Development commands

Generate a new Rake task

rails g task namespace task_name