I am wondering why Microsoft is pushing these Razor Pages Apps over MVC.
This is very annoying and concerning to me.

I'm going over the "Recommended Learning path" in the Overview at:

It says for a new app go through the Razor Pages app.
For maintaining an app go through MVC.

Why are they pushing this Razor Pages thing?
I went through the Razor pages in the Core 2.x tutorials.
This looks like a return to the old WebForms paradigm.  Why are they doing this.
This is unclean and disgusting.  Did Microsoft learn nothing from the Web Forms era?

I try to keep the pulse on where the technology is going.
I've talked my bosses and directors into going from WebForms to MVC back in 2010.
And from Full Framework to .Net Core in 2015 and 2018 at two different places.
And if you went .Net Core Web Forms was no longer even available.  So I know I had the right pulse on the technology back in 2010.
I knew MVC would be the future and Web Forms would eventually go away.

This leaves me confused and bewildered.  I just cannot believe they are pushing this Web Forms looking crap with a separate .cs file that looks like a code behind file.
Can somebody clear this up?

What is the advantage of using Razor Pages?
Please don't answer with they are easier.
That is way to vague.