Ever since the beginning, we have been focused on working to create a strong competitive coding culture in India. From monthly contests to a discussion forum we’ve tried to do our best to move forward in the right direction. Recently we introduced a learning program called “Learn Competitive Programming With CodeChef” on the Unacademy platform, and today we’re listing out reasons why the program is a must-have for every programmer. 

It Gives Everyone Equal Opportunity 

Accessible learning for all has always been one of our priorities, and this program has helped us get closer to our goal. The special classes of the “Learn Competitive Programming With CodeChef” are available to everyone and a big help for students looking to learn. The defined course, and specially curated syllabus ensures that everyone has a chance at learning CP (Competitive Programming) in detail, regardless of other factors. Students from the remotest corners in India now have access to excellent resources by world-class educators. The program also provides every coder with an equal footing and gives them the chance of cracking interviews and getting places at their dream company. 

Live Classes 

The live classes of the program ensure that the students have a classroom-type environment to help them learn to the best of their capacities. The sessions also have live doubt solving to help students clear confusion while in the class. The classes will also be held in the evenings and over weekends to make sure that even pupils who have otherwise busy schedules are able to attend live sessions for enhanced learning!

The Best Teachers Are Found Here 

With a teaching faculty that brags of ICPC World Finalists, IOI Medalists, IOI Trainers, ICPC Regional Judges, experts working in top tech companies, top-rated programmers on CodeChef and CodeForces, the program promises to be a great place to learn. Other than their mind-blowing achievements, the thread that ties all our educators together is their passion for teaching and coding. As these brilliant people come together in one place to share their knowledge, the learners can rest assured that there will be something new to learn everyday.

Practical Problem Solving

One of the perks of the Learn Competitive Programming With CodeChef program is the fact that learners attending the program have the chance of practical learning. Pupils attending the sessions have the option to sync their Unacademy and CodeChef accounts which enables the educators to assign coding problems particular to what the students have learnt in the classes. 

No Doubt Will Go Unsolved

Along with experienced educators, the course is designed with care to ensure that no doubt of any learner attending goes unsolved. With the educators themselves taking questions as part of the live class, learners will have plenty of opportunity to get their questions answered. Alongside this, the program also comes equipped with teaching assistants. The teaching assistants are 6 and 7-star coders who will be present to help out the educators during the live class. There will also be 24/7 doubt support on our dedicated Discord channel, where learners can reach out to educators & teaching assistants even after the classes. 

Vernacular Support 

In line with our aim of easy access to learning competitive programming, this program is currently available in both English and Hindi. We understand the struggle of learning something new and complex, and having to do it in a language you aren’t familiar with would make the task all the more taxing. Keeping this in mind, the program is delivered in Hindi as well to make sure students are able to learn efficiently. We hope that this proves to be helpful to students who aren’t entirely comfortable with English. 

Recorded Classes 

This is another effort to make sure students are able to learn better. With many having busy schedules, we figured it would be pretty tough for the learners to manage their timetables around the classes. With this in mind, each and every class is recorded so the students can watch it on their own time. This will also prove to be helpful for learners wanting to learn at their own pace. With recorded classes easily available, they can go back to previously aired lessons and rewatch to understand anything they might have missed.

Well, these are a few of the reasons why you need Learn Competitive Programming With CodeChef in your life. We feel we’ve made a pretty convincing case, and you can head on over here to check out the special classes of the program. Until next time, keep coding!

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