PS4 Jailbreak 2016

Following his release of a PS4 7.55 Jailbreak a couple days ago, Sleirsgoevy has published a port of the Mira CFW to 7.55, as well as an updated PS4 7.55 Jailbreak. Credit also goes to Al-Azif and ChendoChap for some of the fixes that helped make this happen.

You can now officially Jailbreak your PS4 up to 7.55, with all the benefits from a typical Custom Firmware.

It is worth repeating that due to the instability of the underlying Webkit exploit, running the exploit itself could take multiple retries, depending on your luck. Some people report they regularly have to make up to 10 attempts to get it to run.

Download PS4 7.55 Jailbreak

Notes: This release works for Firmwares 7.50/7.51/7.55. There is in theory no need for you to update if you are on 7.50 or 7.51.

Host the jailbreak on a local server in your home network. Once loaded, load the payload via telnet (tcp port 9020) or your preferred equivalent. Stay tuned on our PS4 Jailbreak page as more and more tools become available for the latest exploited firmwares.

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