PS4 Jailbreak 2016

PS4 Dev Sleirsgoevy has released an “easier to use” version of PS4 offline Activator, running as a payload directly from your PS4 browser.

What is PS4 Offline Activator

PS4 offline account activator is a popular scene tool which, as its name indicates, lets you activate a PSN account on a jailbroken PS4. This allows you to export save data to USB among other things.

This new version from Sleirsgoevy runs as a payload + web page instead of relying on an external windows application. It is based on the original work from charlyzard/barthen.

Sleirsgoevy provided a 7.55 payload (confirmed to work), as well as 7.02 and 6.72 (not tested by the developer, but provided for convenience. Some people are reporting that these versions do not work currently.)

Run (or Download) PS4 Offline Activator – payload version

Please note that as always, you will need a hackable PS4, on firmware 7.55 or less, to run this payload.

Source: Sleirsgoevy

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