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Rook: Intro and Ceph Deep Dive - Blaine Gardner, SUSE, Alexander Trost, Cloudical, & Travis Nielsen, Sébastien Han, Red Hat

The Rook project will be introduced to attendees of all levels and experience. Rook is an open source cloud-native storage orchestrator for Kubernetes, providing the platform, framework, and support for a diverse set of storage solutions to natively integrate with cloud-native environments. Rook turns storage software into self-managing, self-scaling, and self-healing storage services. The benefits and use cases of Rook will be explored along with an overview of each of the Rook storage providers: Ceph, Cassandra, NFS, EdgeFS, YugabyteDB, and CockroachDB. In the latter half of the talk, a deep-dive will be presented for the Ceph storage provider. Rook is run today in many production environments, providing a stable storage platform for your data. The architecture and recent improvements will be show how Rook provides the Ceph management layer for production environments. Rook was accepted as the first storage project hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in January 2018.