Scene Veteran Zecoxao has shared some announcement about an upcoming release to perform “unlimited activation” of a single account on PS4/PS5, and “unlimited home” for XBox X/S.

how stupid it could be that both sony and microsoft do not know about what they have done
There is no previous record in history that both companies added unlimited activation for each account at the same time
In 26th of march we will show how unlimited active can work on ps4 and ps5
And unlimited home for xbox series x and s

A single account active on multiple PS4/PS5 consoles means in essence an account that is capable of downloading and play its games on all of these consoles. In theory, a single account can only be associated to a limited number of consoles. In particular on the PS4, only one console can be used as the “primary” device, a mechanism that allows you to share one’s digital library with one friend or family member.

Bypasses of these limitations have been used in the past, to enable “sharing” with multiple people. This has been done in particular by stores that would sell consoles with many games preinstalled (repeatedly using the same account with lots of games), technically enabling piracy for a fee.

It is a bit unclear which ones of these techniques still remain “usable”, as Sony is in general quick to take action when these become widespread. The same will probably be true of this upcoming trick, and it might become unusable as soon as it is revealed. Also it goes without saying that doing this kind of bypass with your own account runs a high risk of seeing the account, or the console, banned from Sony’s servers.

Despite the risks, as multiple people mention, this could enable widespread piracy without the need for a jailbreak, and it seems the trick will be working for the PS5 as well.

Hacker Abkarino notes that the upcoming technique, allegedly scheduled to be revealed tomorrow, comes from @rmorteza21p, and is “used in the wild in Iran right now”.

Stay tuned.

Source: Zecoxao

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