San Francisco is not labeled the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California for nothing. Have you been to the city? It’s a popular tourist destination not only because of its cool summers, steep rolling hills, fantastic architecture and landmarks (hello, Golden Gate Bridge!) but also because of its incredible street art. For the art-loving tourists, a visit to Haight Street, 24th Street, Balmy Alley, Osage Alley, Cypress Street, Lilac Alley, and Clarion Alley will be the best part of the tour. These streets and alleys are highly concentrated with murals and graffitis.

The history of this public art in San Francisco goes a long way back. It was Diego Rivera who first took a brush and used the city walls as a canvas for his arts in the 1930s. Other artists followed suit which eventually made the city a global hotspot for outdoor public art. Today, these arts are used as a medium to either send a message (mostly political and social) or to simply express by designing a blank wall.


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