Good Programming in SAP BW using ABAP, is my personal view on the way how to set up a coding for handling millions of records in a performant way. Maybe you will surprise that you will not found 500 pages about the secrets of performant ABAP coding, instead of this, I have covered the main interested points on less than 50 printed pages. Therefore, you can start reading w/o getting through the bothering theoretically part about ABAP. If you have already, some experiences with BW and APAB you will find many hints for to improve you coding. If you a new at this topics, you can start after reading this book with not falling in the simple beginners traps.

Berlin- Germany- February 2016

Table of Contents

  • How to work with this Book
  • Your First Time with the Editor
  • Good Data Modelling
  • The Start Routine
  • Loop over the Data
  • Lookups
  • Coding Hints for This and That
  • Start or End Routine?
  • Practical Examples
  • All about Dates, Months, and Years
  • All about Internal Tables
  • Generic ABAP
  • Performance Analyze and Debugging
  • ABAP and HANA
  • All about the SELECT in SAP BW for HANA
  • Good Naming
  • The Author
  • Appendix