Introducing the Sci-Fi Futuristic Vehicle Collection – a great addition to your creative library!

- 38 Textures (sizes 2K, 0.5K) Textures include Base, Normal, Metallic maps

- 5 meshes

- 7 prefabs

 - Average 4500 polycount of futuristic cars, around 15k polycount of spaceship

- Spaceship with interior done

- UV Mapped

- 1 fire shader which works in Built-In Render Pipeline



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This is your chance to dive into an out of this world adventure!   

The Sci-Fi Vehicles Pack features six incredible vehicles and one spectacular spaceship. Whether you're looking to explore uncharted galaxies, brave hostile alien worlds, or just get from point A to B in a hurry, this pack has something for everyone.  

These crafts are ideal for short-range interstellar travel and can bring you to even the most distant star systems in no time at all.  

Get yourself ready for intergalactic exploration with the Sci-Fi Vehicles Pack!

Price $15.99