glowing plants
  • A new breed of glowing plants has been developed by scientists using the same compounds that allow naturally luminescent fungi to glow. 
  • By engineering the plants to use a naturally-occurring compound in a new way, the plants glow for the duration of their lives. 
  • The researchers believe this could be a vital tool in understanding how plants react to changing environmental conditions as well as in monitoring the health of various plant species.
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We've all seen the movie Avatar — it's one of the finest pieces of cinematic art ever to grace the silver screen, and nobody debates this — and if there's one thing you'll remember about the fantastical world of Pandora it's the gorgeous glowing plants. Plants on Earth typically don't glow. Engineers have developed ways to trick plants into glowing using the same bioluminescent properties that are naturally found in some glowing fungi.

Now, a team of scientists have taken things one big step further by creating plants that glow not just temporarily but for the duration of their lives. The plants are the topic of a new research paper published in Nature Biotechnology.

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