This collection contains 3 female scifi characters. They use Unitys mecanim system and are designed for animation re-targeting.

With this collection you save 25% compared to purchasing the models separately.

Please note: You can check out the free test character Asuna available here

You can use this free test character for prototyping, etc. and test out if my other character models will fit your needs. If the test character works fine all my other characters will work as well.

More scifi character models are available here

- Scifi scout Liz

- Scifi soldier Scarlet

- Scifi Heavy Soldier Manon

- Animations are stored in separate FBX files

- All animations are in place, character must be moved with a character controller

- Character controller is not included. You have to write your own.

- Character uses Unitys mecanim system (humanoid rig)

- Character is designed for animation re-targeting

- Weapon animations are compatible with all my published weapons

- Blend shapes for facial expressions

- Blend files with the rigged characters are included. You can use them to create your own animations

- Please note: The Blend file does not contain animations, only the rigged character is included

- Included equipment: scifi rifle, scifi pistol, holster, katana, bow, arrow, quiver, helmet, ammo pouches

- 10 different eye colors

- 5 different hair colors

- 8 different texture sets

- PSDs with intact layers are included

- PBR textures (metallic)

- Ready to use prefabs of all models are included

- Texture sizes are 4096 (body, head, equipment, armor), 2048 (hair) and 1024 (ammunition)

- Final tris count depends on how many weapons/armor/equipment parts are used for the characters

Price $100.00