It's common for web, desktop, or even mobile applications to require access to protected resources in their environment. This may be custom Web APIs, Microsoft Graph or some other third-party service.

In the episode, Principal PM Kyle Marsh joins Christos to give us a better understanding on how we can use Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) to secure our daemon services with the OAuth 2.0 client credentials flow.

  • [01:07] - What is MSAL?
  • [02:26] - How does MSAL compare to ADAL?
  • [05:07] - MSAL Language support
  • [05:44] - What is the definition of a service?
  • [07:55] - Granting access scopes and permissions to a service
  • [15:07] - Differences with other app types and dynamic scopes
  • [17:17] - MSAL demo


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