Welcome to the latest edition of Serious Scrum! In this weekly digest, we’ll round up all the Serious Scrum publications from the last fourteen days (February 2nd to February 15th). Yup… we missed a week.

This week we had not one, but two new writers! Hi Scrum Rebel and Maarten Dalmijn!

🎊 What’s more… we celebrate our first thousand followers on Slack! 🎉

Scrum Rebel’s first contribution provided us with all kinds of ways to detect and counter top-down solutions. Always good to know!

Detecting And Countering Top Down Solutions

Maarten Dalmijn clarifies for once and for all (maybe) that the Sprint Review is far more than a demo.

Why you should never call the Sprint Review the Sprint Demo

Paddy Corry published an article that showed how the Scrum Guide evolved over the years:

The Evolution of the Scrum Guide— ‘10 to ‘19

He also showed how you can improve little things with a bit of fun. In this case a Niko-Niko calender to visualise involvement in the Daily Scrum:

Visualisation and Involvement— Niko-Niko Calendar

Paddy has organised the very first Serious Scrum poll:

Is the Scrum Guide your definitive source of the Rudiments of Scrum?

And shared a consensus canvas.

Visualisation and Involvement (2) — Getting to Consensus

Thank you for all these great contributions Paddy Corry!

Willem-Jan Ageling published an updated version of overview of articles, books and guides that defined Scrum:

A list of Scrum Articles, Guides and books that have defined Scrum

He also published an article to make a case for one Sprint Review per product, simplifying the process in situations where multiple teams work on the same product.

Scrum — The case for one Sprint Review per product

Last week he engaged the subject of Proxy Product Owners.

“Our REAL Product Owner isn’t involved. Only our proxy PO is!”

And wrote a brave story on how a fresh Scrum Master was fired for enacting Scrum’s values.

“The Scrum Values got me fired”

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