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On Friday, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) released a statement in support of Asian diaspora communities in the U.S. and around the world. Responding to the increased number of anti-Asian hate crimes in the last year, the organization said, “We condemn the anti-Asian racist hate and violence that has targeted some of the most vulnerable among us, including women, seniors, disabled people, sex workers, queer folks, low-income workers, and immigrants. These attacks are influenced by narratives put forth by elected officials, public figures, and by the stories that we tell. SFWA is committed to creating a safer, more equitable industry in SF/F for Asian and Asian American creators, and other marginalized communities.”

The press release also pointed out that SFF isn’t free of anti-Asian racism: “Anti-Asian racism has long been a part of America’s fabric from the Page Act to the Chinese Exclusion Act and includes our own SF/F communities. We’ve seen it in the tropes and stereotypes that fetishize Asian women as dragon ladies and butterfly maidens, portray Asian people as suspicious or perpetually foreign Others, and treat Asian cultures as exotic settings to be used and consumed for entertainment.”

SFWA listed four “first steps towards making our community safer for Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander writers,” including a seminar on responsible representation and a five-part panel series featuring Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander creators. For more information on both events, sign up here to be notified when dates are set.

See the full statement and list of action items here.