Can stop us now! We’re excited to announce the new TestProject Share Center for an even easier sharing and collaboration process. Sharing your web, mobile and API codeless automation test cases with anyone across the globe, in just a matter of seconds, is as easy as a single click  🚀 

Have a useful test that might help a friend, a colleague, a client or even the entire testing community? It’s super easy to share it now! Either via an email or a shared test unique link, and BOOM 💥 Your awesome codeless automation test is shared with anyone

TestProject Share Center

It’s time to take collaboration to a whole new level! The only thing you need is a FREE TestProject account! Your TestProject Agent will run shared test everywhere 🤩 Here is how it works:

  • Simply open the context menu of the test of your choice, click on Share Test and add your friend’s/colleague’s email. Or you can click on Get Direct Link without specifying any particular emails. Send to friends, or even post it on your blog or social media if you want to share it with everyone across the community! 🌍
  • The test will appear in the Shared With Me section in your colleague’s own account. If you make it a habit, you can easily manage all your shared tests in the Shared By Me section.
  • When a user accepts a test, a local copy is being created in one of his projects. If you update your shared tests in the future, your colleague will get an indication of the update (unless he chooses to decline your share). 

❗ Privacy note: sharing and consuming automation is according to TestProject’s terms & service policy.

Here is how the Share Test wizard looks like when you share your tests:

TestProject Share Test Wizard - TestProject Share Center

In case you want full team collaboration (recommended for teams collaborating within the same account), you can always invite your colleagues to join your account from the Users management screen or simply from the brand new TestProject Share Center menu, as seen below:

Invite Teammate to TestProject Account

Shared Test Example

To kick off this exciting new release, we’re sharing with you a cool “Check my weather” test: enabling you to automatically get your real daily weather forecast based on your location, directly to your email! Never get confused if it’s cold outside or not 😉 You can read more about the test here, or simply hop into the shared test and explore it today!

☔⛅🌈 Access the Shared Test and Enjoy Daily Weather Forecast! ☔⛅🌈

Here’s the automatic mail you’ll receive from this test, with a forecast image attached:

TestProject Weather Forecast

Spread the Knowledge & Share Tests

Go ahead and explore this weather shared test, these awesome API shared tests, or start sharing your own tests for everyone to enjoy and benefit from:

  1. We all know Sharing is Caring, especially in times of hardship. And what better way to spread your knowledge and expertise by sharing it onwards? That’s exactly why the TestProject Share Center is so cool! You can create a great automated test case using TestProject’s Smart Test Recorder, and then share those tests to help others: save time, learn and grow. They can even go ahead and export these tests into pure Selenium and Appium code to extend their knowledge even further and learn to code from your best practice test cases!
  2. Another great use case of sharing tests is for companies with many clients across the globe. Instead of inviting these clients into your TestProject account & having to manage their managing their permission access, you can simply share the tests with your clients – and you’re done! They’ll now be able to move on and utilize these tests from their own account.
  3. Create a huge collaboration hub. Kind of like Github, but for codeless automated test cases! Think of it – how great would it be if we all pitched in, sharing amazing test cases, easily collaborate on each other’s tests, extend ideas, and create tutorials/guides with links to shared test case examples (making it easier to follow along step-by-step)! We could work as a whole to create the biggest automation testing collaboration hub out there. The power is in our hands – let’s use it wisely! 💪

To sum this exciting announcement – Let’s think of knowledge as a tree, and sharing as the water necessary for the growth of that tree 💧🌳 The more we share (the more water), the more the knowledge (the tree) will increase.

Keep Calm and Share Your Tests! 🌍🧡🚀

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