Ever wanted a language like JavaScript, but without the warts, with a great type system, and with a lean build toolchain that doesn't waste your time?
ReScript looks like JS, acts like JS, and compiles to the highest quality of clean, readable and performant JS

Sound good? Yeah, we think so too!

Join us as Tom takes us on a tour of the language. Comparing where it aligns and contrasts to TypeScript and JavaScript.

We'll learn why it's been tagged the "Language of React" and how it's syntax and curated subset of JavaScript ensure performance and best practice in your applications.

## About Tom

In the words of his colleague:

"Tom has the ability to explain complex issues to team members who may not be as technically minded in a way that they not only understand, but can then make informed decisions upon.

Further to the above, Tom has also been my ‘go to person’ on many occasions when I needed some guidance when working with JavaScript, TypeScript, React and more. There is no doubt in my mind that Tom has a long and successful career ahead of him."