This past week, Rust has not just become one of the top games on Twitch, but one of the most talked-about games within the Twitch community. A server hosted by the streaming team known as OfflineTV has exploded in popularity, with players including DisguisedToast, Pokimane, Valkyrae, Jacksepticeye, Hafu, Shroud, and more. But it was the invitation of the always controversial xQc that's led to yet another dispute, even leading to Shroud saying the xQc should be banned from the server.

The story begins and ends with xQc being exactly the kind of Twitch streamer that everyone watching him expects. For the most part, the OfflineTV Rust server has had some unwritten rules regarding players respecting each other. Basically, everyone worked to ensure an overall positive and constructive environment to build, PvP, and so on without being overly punishing. However, xQc responded to early hijinx and tomfoolery by creating a bloodthirsty faction that attacked on sight and left no prisoners.

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That style of play was understandably met with frustration by many people on the server. Shroud's comments have stood out from the pack due to the streamer's popularity, however. Shroud says that if he was a server admin, he would "kick them all," while speaking of xQc and the players that make up xQc's team. As for why, Shroud says that their playstyle is, "making me low-key mad." In fact, Shroud says it while playing Escape from Tarkov because he refused to play more Rust given the current state of the server.

A big part of what bothered Shroud so much has that xQc and his team were not being "considerate." Shroud says that this group of players may not even know what the word considerate means. Another streamer, Ludwig, described xQc's actions as treating other people on the server as if they're NPCs rather than other streamers who are also trying to make the most of their time on the server. In one oft-cited example, xQc yells at another streamer in-game to "be useful for once." She later got death threats from assumed xQc followers.

To his credit, xQc has since responded to the criticism and apologized. In a Twitter message, xQc blamed his competitiveness overwhelming him, leading to him being rude to non-PvPers. It's unclear if xQc's behavior will lead to any meaningful changes on the server, however. While there's some discussion regarding xQc being banned, it hasn't come from any of the OfflineTV streamers or those running the server.

One person that did take some responsibility was Valkyrae, who says that they feel responsible since they pushed for the server to invite more people. They say that they won't be inviting more to the server, or may either reset the server or start a new one depending on how things go from here.

Rust is available now on PC.

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