I started to dismantle and collect some oldish pallets but with good wood. I decided I wanted to make a Pallet Coffee Table On Wheels but wanted it to look old. This is why I used old pallets and not the new ones. The hardest part was to dismantle the pallets because all the nails were rusty and well-stuck in the wood. I have damaged a lot of boards as some were simply impossible to remove. Another big, time-consuming part was staining and finishing wood.

Pallet Coffee Table On Wheels:

There are three coats of dark stain with sanding in between. I scraped the wood with a flat wood scraper to remove a lot of dark coating than sanding again before two more coats of lighter stain applied (sanding in between). When I was done, I applied two coats of clear satin varnish with fine sanding between coats.

After the wood prep, it took me a few hours to put it all together. All I spent on this project was varnish and stains, so around £30. The rest was just salvaged material, pallet wood, a sheet of thin plywood for the bottom shelf, wheels from scrap trolley, some metal plates to fit wheels on. I even reused those rusty nails which I straightened put this table together. This was a really good, simple project and I quite enjoyed it. Now looking forward to trying something else

Pallet Coffee Table On Wheels1
Pallet Coffee Table On Wheels2
Pallet Coffee Table On Wheels3
Pallet Coffee Table On Wheels4

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