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JavaScript for Beginners Masterclass
In this practical, hands-on class you’re going to learn how to use JavaScript for beginners!

Even if you already have some experience, or want to learn about the advanced features of JavaScript, this course is for you!

In this class you’ll learn:

JavaScript coding basics
VS Code & Extensions
Common Console Errors – Syntax, Type, Reference
How GitHub works
Single/Multi-Line Coding
Execution Context Object
How to work with Variables
How to work with Operators
String Manipulation
Number Manipulation
Boolean Logic & Control Flow
Truthy/Falsy values and Equality Operators
If/Else Statements, nesting if/else

This class gives you foundational training on JavaScript so you can increase your coding skills and start pursuing a career in a field that is increasingly in demand as the global reliance on technology grows.


Title: JavaScript for Beginners Masterclass
Publisher: Skillshare
Category: Technology
Size: 1506M
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Date: 2021-04-13
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Published: Skillshare
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Author: Juan Galvan
Duration: 3h 41m

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