SEO ranking is currently the most crucial thing that many small businesses are focusing on to improve their performance. With the dynamic SEO industry, different people keep coming up with new ways of improving ranking. In this article, we have compiled a small business SEO checklist that will help you get your business on the right track. If you are looking forward to using the online platform to source clients, then this checklist will help you achieve this. The list is made up of the best ways that are being used to improve SEO rankings in 2019.

1. Quality content to web visitors

Before many people got into using the internet as a way of marketing their products and services, very little information existed on the platform. As a result, many people did not concentrate so much on the quality of content that they put on the internet. In 2019, the internet is so full of content that the only way one can succeed is by creating outstanding content. As they say, there is already so much trash on the internet that adding more would not bring you any benefits. Both the search engines and visitors are looking for quality content.

The first step to coming up with quality content is knowing what your audience wants. Once you understand the nature of audience you want to address, you can provide them with useful information. You also need to go to other sites and see what they have on your niche. This will inform you of the gaps that have not been addressed by the competitors. Any time that you address such gaps, you will be getting the attention of the clients who have encountered such content on the internet. Quality content will keep the visitors coming back for more. This is because they can always be sure to get the best quality content. Getting clients to share such content gets you higher ranking than that of the competitors.

2. Internal and outbound linking

Linking your content to other related content is the trick to having a lot of traffic. When clients are sure that you will give them leads to other quality and relevant content, they will always keep visiting when they need information on your niche. You cannot have every piece of information on your blog.

You will have to create thousands of articles to achieve this. You have to read content from related websites and include links to article that have information that you believe could of help to your audience. Internal linking helps you link your content to one another. You may have articles that need to be linked to keep your audience locked in your website.

When searching for information, clients sometimes feel that they need some extra information. You should, therefore, link your articles such that you have most of the information about your niche on the website. Outbound linking helps them to get to other related sites that have information on your niche. When clients keep clicking on your link because they are sure to get relevant information, you will improve on your ranking. Content with links to other helpful articles ranks higher than those without such links.

3. Understand how Google brain rank works

The motive behind understanding how Google brain ranks works is not to come up with shot-cuts to getting a higher ranking. Using such methods may give you higher ranking but is detrimental towards the growth of your business. By knowing how the ranking algorithm works, you can do precisely so that you can appear on the first page.

You need to understand what it takes certain content to appear on the first page. You may have high-quality content, but if you do not know the tricks to use, you may end up not getting any good ranking with such outstanding content on the internet.

The rank brain makes use of the clicks and searches that people do. If your website receives more clicks than any other link, then it will appear at the top of the first page of the search engine. You have to use all other methods of ensuring they keep clicking on your link so that you can maintain the good ranking. Otherwise, another site that is getting more clicks will get to the top of the page. This means you have to keep checking the performance of your website and take necessary measures to improve.

4. Ensure your site is super fast and mobile-friendly

The reliability of your website is one thing that will keep the readers coming back. Most people do not want to visit sites that will take long to load the information they need. Even if the information on such sites is good, they will opt for other websites that can load efficiently within the shortest time possible. They will also refer other readers to the site that can load quickly. It is appropriate to keep ensuring that the site is free from problems that can slow down its speed.

Before the introduction of mobile smartphones, people used desktops to access information on the internet. Currently, the largest population of people who visit the internet make use of mobile phones. It is essential that you consider this when creating your website. As a small business owner, you can start with a small website that allows people to use their mobile phones to access information. By doing this, you will be getting traffic from a large number of mobile phone users, and this will increase your revenue by a significant margin.

5. Image and video optimization are crucial

Images improve the general outlook of your website. They also provide information to the readers at a glimpse. You find a website with images to be more appealing compared to one with little or no photos. The trick with images is that they should be directly related to your niche. Some of them should highlight the content that you have in your article. If you can have a summary of the article in the images, the better.

One of the popular ways people are using to attract people to visit their websites is by including videos. People are fond of choosing videos over written content. Audio-visual is appealing to the client more than written content. Most of them find videos more efficient because it keeps them attentive. Videos can either be you talking about the information you have or a slide-share that contains summarized data from the article. Once the clients watch such short videos, they can always read the article with some information in mind. You will get a lot of traffic because most of the readers prefer images and videos compared to the written content.

6. Improve interaction with clients and get feedback

Just like any other business platform, it is essential to take the feedback given by the clients seriously. After reading the articles you have, some clients will take time to critic the piece. As a business person, it essential to take such criticism positively and work on them. When a client points something that was not done well, it is important to promise them that you will change everything for the better. Immediately, take your time to fix it so that no other client notices the problem. The clients might also come back, and in case they find out that you already rectified, they will trust your site and will keep referring people to visit.

When clients feel that you have their interest at heart, they will always opt for your site at any time that they need information on your niche. Responding to the feedback also makes the clients feel that they are part of the site.

7. Use social media to popularize your brand

Social media is the best place to get traffic. You can be sure that you are dealing with real people. People get to social media for different reasons. Some of them go to interact with others, while others want to learn more about products and services. There are groups and pages that host such discussions. This is a perfect place that you can use to get traffic to your site. Once you get engaged in the discussions, you can introduce your brand. Most of the social media users will be keen to learn about the information you have provided and will hence follow the link you leave to your site.

As a small business owner, it might not be easy for you to get traffic to your site. You are just getting started, and many people may not know your brand. With social media, you can introduce the brand to many people without spending a lot of money. The good thing about social media is that joining such platforms is free.

8. Get all the tools related to improving SEO

The content you put out there has to be top-notch if you wish to keep your readers coming back for more. There are different tools you can use to ensure your content is unique and free of grammatical mistakes. Once you promise clients flawless content, it is what they expect. They will trust you as long as you keeping giving them quality content. If you fail to do this, even if it happens on one occasion, they may shift their attention to other sites. Over 4million posts are made on the internet in a single day. A simple mistake can get your clients going away.

Tools such a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and keyword optimization tool. Small SEO Tool contains all the small tools. They are free, and you can always use them to ensure your content is flawless. The grammar checker provides that your content does not have any grammatical mistakes that might have been made while typing. The plagiarism checker helps you to ensure that the content is original. Clients want to find content that they are not able to find anywhere else. If you give them this, they will keep coming back for the original content that you post.

9. Ensure that you have LSI keywords in your content

Once you write your content, it is important to include your Latent Semantic(LSI) keywords. These are keywords that are directly associated with the content you have created. It is not automatic that clients will such your keywords the way you have put them. Sometimes they have other keywords in mind. It is crucial to think of such keywords and include them in the content. When you add such phrases to your content, Google will consider it top-quality content because it serves the interest of many readers. The ranking system will automatically help to rank it higher than the others that do not have any LSI keywords.

To get LSI keywords, you can take time think of what readers can search in case they need information in your niche. You can also search your kids and then scroll to the bottom of the page where you will get suggestions for LSI keywords. Ensure you include them in your content so that it looks comprehensive.

10. If you are selling products, make great use of Amazon

If you have products to sell, you can make use of Amazon. You never know how many people from your local area might be visiting amazon frequently to get the products or services. If they can meet you on such a trusted platform, they will trust your products and services. This can also prompt them to refer other clients to your business, and this small step can help you improve your business by a great deal. As long as you have provided all the information one might require on your products and services, you will get a lot of traffic from prospective clients.

Such traffic will get you a higher ranking on the search engine. Approximately 60% of internet users visit Amazon when they want to make a purchase. Having your business listed on the can improve your ranking on the search engine. You can also encourage clients to leave feedback on Amazon so that other clients can trust your services. This will earn more clicks and will improve your ranking.

Generally, the knowledge of SEO is essential when you want to improve your ranking on any search engine. The internet offers a platform where you can easily meet prospective clients without investing a lot of money in product promotion. The list contains essential tips to use to improve your rankings.

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