Join our live stream to learn about the Cloud Foundry-based PaaS service that powers digital applications as part of the Cabinet Office Government Digital Service.

In this stream, we have an opportunity to take a deep-dive into the operations behind a government-scale Cloud Foundry deployment. We have representatives from the Gov.UK PaaS team who will be sharing some stories of how they keep digital system afloat for hundreds of departments and thousands of applications. Different needs, varying deadlines, diverse languages and frameworks, all supported by a single Gov.UK PaaS running Cloud Foundry.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the whole operation is the size of their team and how they are able to extract immense efficiency, thanks to mature management practices aided by the right technology choices.

Join us to learn all about it. It is an opportunity to interact openly with the folks who are making this possible. Software engineering teams of all types belonging to companies of all sizes are sure to benefit from the takeaways!