Development of modern IT systems requires an ability to communicate ideas, share technical knowledge and coordinate efforts between and within cross-functional teams.

In this workshop, Maciej Durkiewicz, Software Craftsperson at Codurance, will cover some of the core topics from cognitive science, that will help you to solve some of the most challenging problems in modern IT - people.

As a takeaway we hope for you to gain:
* An understanding of cognitive biases and how they influence Software engineering practices.
* Awareness of the The Theory of Mind and how its principles can guide your understanding of others.
* Knowledge of Jung's theory on personality types and how it fits into working and building teams.

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0:00 - 3:56 Presentation
3:56 - 8:25 Introduction of the series
8:25 - 16:34 Socio - technical practice of software development
16:34 - 26:37 What are soft skills
26:37 - 28:16 Hypothesis
28:16 - 38:44 CORE skills
38:44 - 46:37 Theory of Mind
46:37 - 1:02:02 Cognitive Bias
1:02:02 - 1:03:04 Closure
1:03:04 - 1:06:04 Q&A