Software systems now invade every area of daily living. Yet, we still struggle to build systems we can really rely on. If we want to work with software systems at any level, we need to get to grips with the way software evolves. This book will equip the reader with a sound understanding of maintenance and how it affects all levels of the software evolution process.

Table of Contents

Part I: The Context Of Maintenance
Chapter 1. Introduction To The Basic Concepts
Chapter 2. The Maintenance Framework
Chapter 3. Fundamentals Of Software Change
Chapter 4. Limitations And Economic Implications To Software Change
Chapter 5. The Maintenance Process

Part II: What Takes Place During Maintenance
Chapter 6. Program Understanding
Chapter 7. Reverse Engineering
Chapter 8. Reuse And Reusability
Chapter 9. Testing
Chapter 10. Management And Organisational Issues

Part III: Keeping Track Of The Maintenance Process
Chapter 11. Configuration Management
Chapter 12. Maintenance Measures

Part IV: Building Better Systems
Chapter 13. Building And Sustaining Maintainability
Chapter 14. Maintenance Tools

Part V: Looking To The Future