There is a large number of app development companies operating in New York, San Francisco, London, as well as other major cities around the world. App developers are in high demand across the globe for a vast number of clients.

Because there are so many app developers, it can be hard to know if they are actually as good as they’re going to claim.

You need to know whether these app building companies are committed, what their past work has been like, if they can deliver a project on time, and if they have reasonable prices, among many other important factors. You should know all of these details in advance, as well as find that they will mesh well with your team when you finally do meet.

This list is composed of some of the best app development companies. They are the pick of the field, the cream of the crop, and that is really saying something. Take a look and see if any of these app developers are right for your project!


App-Design-and-Development- Some of the best app development companies that you can find

MojoTech offers full-service software design and development services. They were founded in 2008 and are headquartered in Providence, RI with offices in New York City, and Boulder, CO. This app development company works on both web and mobile applications as well as augments existing corporate development teams.

They are truly a global company, with clients around the world that range from young start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. They have an award-winning team of engineers, designers, and strategists that are led by their CEO Nick Kishfy. Their services have been recognized by a number of important publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and TechCrunch.

They have recently been ranked as the 42nd fastest growing software company in the United States by Inc Magazine. In 2015, they were listed as one of the Best Places to Work for the second year running by Providence Business Network.

Specializes in: Web App Development, Ruby on Rails, Mobile Development, Node.js, User Experience Design, iOS

Dogtown Media

iPhone-App-Developer-I-iPad Some of the best app development companies that you can find

This mobile app development company was founded by a highly passionate team of engineers, designers, and inventor. They work with start-up founders and many global companies like CitiBank, Google, and even the United Nations to make purpose-driven projects.

They focus on allowing companies to innovate, grow, and bring new ideas to the market quickly. They have been recognized as one of the world’s Top Mobile App Developers by Clutch Research. They are also ranked #271 on the INC 500 list of the Fastest Growing Companies in the United States. Some of their projects have received millions of downloads.

Many of them have been featured on international television programs and have gone on to transform the relationship many millions of people have with brands they know and trust.

Specializes in: Product Strategy, iPhone App Development, Android App Development, User Experience Design, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, mHealth, Wearable Technology, FinTech, Big Data, Responsive Mobile Web, A/R App Development


Mobile-App-Design-and-Devel Some of the best app development companies that you can find

Fueled is one of those app development companies whose primary focus is on quality. Their team is dedicated to producing work of unwavering quality. They are a passionate team of designers, developers, and strategists that tirelessly pursue the very bleeding edge of mobile app development. They work to build the best apps for the best clients in the world.

This is at the core of their principles and informs everything they do.  About half of their activity is in mobile app development, with the other half in-app UX/UI design. They focus their business on consumer products and services as well as Media, Retail, Arts Entertainment & Music, Advertising and Marketing.

Their clients are largely small business, though they do work with a number of larger companies, including Porsche, Ducati, and Discovery Communications. Their average hourly rate is between $150 to $199.

Specializes in: iPhone Apps, Android Apps, product design, Product development, Web Design, venture capital, Digital Product, UI/UX, UI, UX, Technology, Startup, Enterprise, Consumer products, Co-working

Small Planet Digital

Screenshot002-2 Some of the best app development companies that you can find

This app development company operates out of Brooklyn, NY. They design and development world-class Android and iOS apps. They have created over 60 apps since their founding in 2009.

They have had many major clients, including General Motors, Paramount, Disney, Design Observer, UNC, Oakley, The NPD Group, Fujifilm, Hearst, Time, Discovery Communications, Smithsonian, and many others.  They have had 25 category #1 apps, 2 Apple Apps of the Year, and won many other awards and accolades. They are also famous for being a great place to work.

Specializes in: app development, game development, iPhone apps, iPad apps, Android apps, mobile, IoT apps, enterprise apps


Top-Mobile-App-Development- Some of the best app development companies that you can find

This company consists of a closely nurtured and wisely led team of great designers, artists, software developers and technical experts. They focus on delivering the most cutting-edge edge iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Web-based apps. They have a lot of experience in delivering high-quality apps and software products to respected clients around the globe.

Specializes in: iPhone app development, iPad app development, Android app development, Blackberry app development, Mobile game development, Cross-platform mobile app development, Enterprise CMS, E-commerce development, Website development, and Customer relationship management


UX-design-and-app-developme Some of the best app development companies that you can find

This mobile app development company is based in New York. They create everything from mobile apps and websites to enterprise-grade system. They are happy to apply their expertise and experience across many different platforms and screen.

They focus their skills in product strategy, branding and identity, user experience and user interface design, prototyping, mobile and web development, motion graphics. They approach every project with a small and focused team that will work directly with you, striving to provide unparalleled quality for every last detail of project for its entire duration.

Specializes in: Interaction Design, User Interface Design, Identity & Branding, Iconography, Visual Design, Mobile App Development, Web Development


SWARM Some of the best app development companies that you can find

This app development company works to conceptualize, design, and develop a wide range of apps for start-ups, growth companies, and enterprises.  Their entire mobile development process is focused around customer service and looks to create value for all the stakeholders in the project.

They create products for a number of platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Wearable, as well as Web and Smart TV applications. Their work has been featured often in the media and has won many awards. They believe it is important to understand how people behave, what their customers believe, and how users feel about projects.

All of this is key to their human-focused method of creating great and memorable digital interactions/ From the very first conceptualization to the very last bit of execution, Swarm looks to combine art, psychology, & data to create high performing and quality technology.

Specializes in: iPhone Apps, Mobile Apps, User Experience Design, Android Apps, Apple TV Apps, Software Development, Product Development, Wearable Technology, Web Apps, Digital Strategy, Emerging Technology, Internet of Things, Smart TV Apps, Second Screen

Y Media Labs

YML Some of the best app development companies that you can find

Y Media Labs is an app development company that strives to help their clients see what they cannot normally see themselves. They work beside elite and highly recognized brands to create mobile solutions for many different platforms.

They believe that limitations are nothing but an illusion and that everyone should dream bigger. They want to prove to all of their clients that they have been underestimating how great mobile experiences can revolutionize the way they interact with their customers.

Specializes in: iOS Development, Android Development, Product Strategy, Cross-Platform Development, Mobile User Experience Design, Mobile Quality Assurance (QA), Testing & Deployment, Mobile Roadmap Consulting, Responsive Mobile Web, Consumer & Enterprise Apps, digital strategy


Digital-Transformation Some of the best app development companies that you can find

This mobile app development company believes first and foremost that it is a client services firm. They have been in operation for five years. They have become one of the largest and most successful app developers in the world.

They have no plans on resting now, however. They look to help companies proactively transform their business models to leverage new developments in mobile technology. They have every plan for keeping up with the ever-changing digital world.

Specializes in: Product Strategy, Platform Innovation, Business Transformation, Digital Transformation, Android Development, iOS Development


Tendigi Some of the best app development companies that you can find

This app development company is based out of DUMBO Brooklyn, NY. They work closely with their business clients on a large number of mobile apps. They were founded in 2009 by former Apple Inc. engineers when the Apple App Store was just starting out. They have since become one for the very best app development companies in New York City.

Their apps have been featured by Apple and also covered by many different major news organizations and publications, including Wired, MSNBC, The Verge, Mashable, and TechCrunch. Tendigi’s team together have more than 30+ years of experience in native Objective-C and Java programming knowledge for multiple platforms including iOS, Mac OS, Android, and the web.

Specializes in: Digital Experience, Technology, Product Design, iOS, Strategy, Android, Mobile Design, User Experience, Mobile Development


IOS-Android-Mobile-App-De Some of the best app development companies that you can find

This is a full-service mobile app development company. They design, develop, and deliver an amazing digital experience for web and mobile. Since their founding in 2001, they have created more than 100 web projects, 170 iPhone & iPad apps, and 60 Android apps, with a total of more than 70 million downloads. They work from offices located in Brooklyn, NY and Northampton, MA.

They keep their focus on mobile apps and websites, utilizing creative thought process and system to demonstrate their expertise in apps, web and digital strategy.  They have worked with a wide range for clients over the years, from Fortune 100 companies to small new start-ups.

They make sure to implement digital solutions that both meet and exceed their clients’ expectations. Fuzz prides itself on making sure clients always have real-time access to them. They are a close-knit app company that makes sure to always be listening and adapting to whatever comes their way.

Their main focus is on mobile software development, though they also do enterprise software development. They concentrate on consumer products and services as well as retail. Clients range from enterprise-size to midmarket. Some of their key clients include the New York Post, L’Oreal Paris, Xbox, and Conde Nast. Their average hourly rate ranges between $150 and $199.

Specializes in: mobile app development, web development, iOS apps, Android apps, iPhone apps, iPad apps, eCommerce, Healthcare/Pharma, mCommerce, Emerging Technologies, native mobile apps, design, enterprise apps, responsive web, cross-platform architecture, UX, digital strategy, UI


HappyFunCorp-I-Web-and-Mobi Some of the best app development companies that you can find

As known as HFC, this mobile app development company is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. They are a small team of 52 very smart, talented (and they’d like to remind you, humble) engineers, designers, and product architects. HFC is driven by quality engineering and always has been.

They believe in holistically creating cutting-edge products. They will create software for mobile, web, and just about anything else. They are happy to work with any size of business, from small start-ups looking to make the next best thing to established Fortune 500 companies that need a new way of looking at solutions to their problems.

They are always happy to work with their clients to fulfill their needs in smart and innovative ways that make the best of the newest tech out there.

Specializes in: Mobile Development (IOS, Android, Windows other), Rails, Java, C, JS, Mongo, Python, SQL, Parse, PHP, CSS Amber, Node, Angular Other.., User experience design, AI, Wire framing, Illustrator, Photoshop other, Apache, Perl, Heroku, Other

Lotus Technologies

Unlimited-Mobile-App-Develo Some of the best app development companies that you can find

This company is one of the top app development companies in New York City. They focus on developing, consulting and managing start-up technologies.

They were found in 2016 when they CEO, Dossey Richards, decided that good, effective software was going to become as necessary to the world as clean water. They look to be one of the companies that helps jumpstart the tech revolution across the globe.

Specializes in: mobile app design, iOS app design, android app development, mobile app development, iOS app development

Blue Label Labs

Blue-Label-Labs-I-Android- Some of the best app development companies that you can find

This app company is a 40-person team that creates apps for mobile, tablet, watch, TV, IoT and AR/VR, as well as does marketing for the same. They are based in both New York City and Seattle.

For the past 6 years, this app development company has partnered with a number of enterprises, entrepreneurs, and digital/full-service agencies to create more than 150 Android and iOS apps. They can help you with a wide range of projects related to app design, from initial app design and development right on through app marketing/PR and post-launch maintenance.

Specializes in: mobile app design, iOS app design, android app design, AR/VR app design, TV app design, mobile app development, iOS app development, AR/VR app development, TV app development, android app development, iOS app marketing & PR, app marketing & PR, android app design


Mobile-Design-And-Developme Some of the best app development companies that you can find

This app development company was founded in New York City and has stayed there for its ten-year lifespan. They have expanded to a nearly 150 developer team since their founding. They focus on both native Android and iOS development, as well as using React Native to create hybrid solutions.

They will take charge of the entire app development process for their clients, from UX/UI to testing to server maintenance. Their primary activity is mobile app development. They are also one of the gaming companies in NYC and do also focus on retail development. They primarily work with midmarket clients, including Rosetta, and Ministry of Sound. Their average hourly rate is $125.


Enterprise-Mobile-App-Devel Some of the best app development companies that you can find

This mobile app development company is based in the very heart of New York City. They offer a wide range of services, including mobile app creation, tablet and mobile web/HTML5 development, mobile solutions for B2B and enterprises, back-end development, and mobile marketing and strategy.

They have demonstrated exceptional competence with iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Their past work includes a video messaging app, a video streaming and TV application, and a best-in-class GPS tracker which has been featured by Apple.

Their main focus is on enterprise software development and mobile app development. They often work with the transportation industry. They usually work with enterprise-sized clients, though many are midmarket-sized. Major clients include Disney, Mary Kay, Reuters

Worry Free Labs

Mobile-app-design-developm Some of the best app development companies that you can find

This is a Pointclear company with a lot of experience in making apps for healthcare and education markets, though that is not their only area of operation. They provide mobile strategy, UX/UI design, integration and deployment, and development for all major platforms. Their past project includes geolocation based running companions, games, and digital keychains.

They work from their central New York City offices and focus on mobile app development as well as doing some app UX/UI work. Besides healthcare and education, they have done a lot of work with media.

Most of their clients are enterprises or midmarket level, including Bank of America, RSA, and FitBit. Their average hourly rate is between $100 and $149. This is a truly excellent app developer from New York City and well worth looking into if their rate and past work appeal to you.

Dom and Tom

Blue-Label-Labs-I-Android-1-1 Some of the best app development companies that you can find

This is one of the smaller app development companies on this list, but they have a lot of staying power. They work in several clear stages. First, they identify the problem the app is trying to address. They work from there with their team of design experts and engineers to create an app that does so.

This has been a very successful method, allowing them to punch well above their weight and deliver great apps for companies like General Electric, Ashoka, and CitiBank. Their average hourly rate is between $150 to $199. They tend to work with the food, publishing, and transportation industries.

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