Spellbreak continues to expand and grow, one month after the battle royale officially arrived on Steam and several months after its initial launch. The Steam launch coincided with the start of Spellbreak Chapter 1: Spellstorm, in effect the game's first season. That doesn't mean that Spellbreak developer Proletariat won't continue to roll out premium content, however. In the latest offerings released in Spellbreak, for example, Proletariat released a new Illusionist skin bundle for players to buy.

Today's shop update in Spellbreak includes three different offerings. The first is the Illusionist bundle, which features the new Flamboyant Illusionist outfit, looking like a sort of wizard gunslinger. After that, it includes The Prestige artifact, Fortune's Favor afterglow, and Gold Rush cloudburst. The four together make up the bundle, priced at 2,600 in-game gold. That's the equivalent of $26, without considering the bonus gold players get from bigger purchases.

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The Illusionist bundle isn't the only thing offered in today's shop update. Also available is the Wildfire Spellbreak outfit, a simple red outfit with a fun hairdo, and the Blossom Breeze cloudburst. The two items cost and 1,200 and 400 gold respectively, and are each of Rare quality. Alongside these Rare or better offerings, there's also an Uncommon Bored emote and Honeybee outfit, as well as the Treasure Hunter and Unbreakable badges.

Just because these cosmetics can be bought with real-life money doesn't mean they have to be. Gold can also be earned by leveling up in-game. It may take a while to get enough to purchase something valuable, but at least players have the option. It's a way for Spellbreak battle royale players to earn some cool cosmetics without spending cash in the free-to-play game.

Spellbreak is available for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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