With many people preparing to head back to school, it is the time of the year when many will be thinking about upgrading some of their electronic-based items. Whether it be a new smartphone, a new laptop, or just some new accessories to complement their main devices. Speaking of which, BESTEK offers a wide range of accessories and products which look to either provide devices with the power they need, or to help make using those devices a little easier. Here are two of those products, which are currently on sale and available with free shipping.

Little Bear Power Strip by BESTEK

This power strip from BESTEK is designed to brighten the mood in any room, whether it is for back to school users or just the family as a whole. As its design encompasses the look and shape of a bear, while still maintaining all of the safety aspects and requirements you would expect from a power strip. In total, the Little Bear Power Strip by BESTEK includes six connection ports, consisting of four mains power outlets and two USB ports. In addition, the Little Bear Power Strip by BESTEK features a 5.9-foot mains power cable.

When it comes to the USB ports, these are ‘smart’ ports which means they will look to identity connected devices and supply those devices at a level which is best-suited to them specifically. As for the price, the Little Bear Power Strip by BESTEK comes with a listed price of $29.99, but is currently available for only $21.78.

Buy the Little Bear Power Strip by BESTEK

LED Dimmable Desk Lamp by BESTEK

With many heading back to school and the Autumn starting to creep up, it might be worth considering a new desk lamp and one option worth checking out right now is the LED Dimmable Desk Lamp by BESTEK. This is one of the newer breed of desk lamps which look to provide a more customizable lamp experience. As a result, the LED Dimmable Desk Lamp by BESTEK features the ability to set the temperature and the brightness of the light output. In fact, this lamp comes with a number of preset modes such as ‘Sleep’, ‘Relaxing’, ‘Study’, and ‘Reading’. So the user can very quickly hit the button that best applies to the situation, and get a light which is best-suited to that situation. Not to mention, that even when selecting any of the presets, there is also the option to further customize the brightness of each preset mode.

Additional features worth noting include an automatic sleep feature, so there are no concerns about falling asleep with the light on. As the user can tap the sleep button when starting to feel tired and an hour later, the unit will turn off automatically. In addition, this is also a unit which comes equipped with two USB ports. So as well as providing direct light when needed, it can also be used to charge connected devices. As the LED Dimmable Desk Lamp by BESTEK is an LED-based light, it is important to know how much of a life-cycle you will get from this product. According to BESTEK, this LED lamp will last around 40,000 hours. So this is one that is designed to last a fairly long time. In terms of the price, the LED Dimmable Desk Lamp by BESTEK comes with a $59.99 listed price, but is currently available to buy for $27.99.

Buy the LED Dimmable Desk Lamp by BESTEK

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