I was pleased to get the email yesterday confirming that I was selected to speak at SQLSaturday #362 on January 31, 2015. I think the last time I was in Austin was 2004 or so when I was at Dell for a week for SAN and cluster training. It was a memorable trip for a few reasons. One was I got a full tour of the PC build facility, impressive to see. Another was it was cold. Cold as in ice on the roads and traffic shut down. We were staying about a mile away and didn’t know if the class would go or not, so we drove – slowly – and got there, narrowly missing sliding into one of the three cars in the parking lost. It was the first time I saw a Keurig style coffee machine and that led to an adventure later on. I also had time for a short visit to the LBJ presidential library. I’m looking forward to returning to Austin and I might go a day early to have time to explore. I might drive up to Fort Hood for a couple hours and think on the path I’ve taken since I left there in 1986 – surely one I couldn’t have projected or expected.

If you’re attending, they have two seminars going this year; Become an Enterprise DBA with Sean and Jen McCown and Murder They Wrote with Wayne Sheffield and Jason Brimhall.