Star Wars The Bad Batch - Who Is the OMEGA character

Star Wars: The Bad Batch premiered today and introduced several amazing characters. However, the character that stuck most with many fans is Omega. Well, here’s everything we know about this Star Wars character.

The Bad Batch episode 1 is already out on Disney Plus, and fans absolutely loved the 70-minute long premiere episode. That’s because they finally got to see the notorious Cloud Force 99 members back in action. The group was first introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ final season, and now, we are following their journey in The Bad Batch series.

Interestingly, ever since Episode One released, fans want to knowmore about the new character Omega, voiced by Michelle Ang.

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch | Official Trailer | Disney+

Who is Omega in Star Wars: The Bad Batch?

Omega is a human female clone who was a medical assistant of Nala Se before running away with the Cloud Force 99 members. Interestingly, the Bad Batch’s leader, Hunter, was the first to meet this mysterious kid.

Apparently, Omega already knew about every Cloud Force 99 member. It makes us wonder if the girl admires the quirky squad, unlike the self-appointed Emperor who wants to exterminate them.

As showcased in the first episode, Omega had never left Kamino in her life. Also, like all Cloud Force 99 members, they didn’t lead a fulfilling childhood.

Naturally, the squad members feel that Kaminoan staff isn’t the right place for Omega. So, they offer her a chance to leave the capitalist Kingdom.

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The show creators confirmed to CNET that Omega is one of those characters “that knows everything.” However, she “doesn’t have a learning curve,” and that’s why the creators want “her to fail sometimes and have to learn from it.”

The Bad Batch creators also said that the Cloud Force 99 members aren’t good guardians. And that’s why interacting with this child would be a challenge for them.

Honestly, we’ll learn more about Omega as we move forward in The Bad Batch series, but it is safe to say that this kid will act as a driving force for Cloud Force 99.

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