startupcamp-australiaHow much is one weekend worth to you?

About a month ago, the folks behind StartupCamp Australia got together for another weekend of innovation, entrepreneurship and old-fashioned coding, to build a bunch of exciting web apps in just one weekend. This wasn’t the first StartupCamp that they’d run, but it is the first time that the companies formed during this high-pressure exercise would be put up for auction—a true test of their market value.

Six exciting web-based companies, listed below, were created during StartupCamp Sydney II. If you think these entrepreneurs are onto something, you’re in luck—the auctions are still live. You better be quick though—their listings on the SitePoint Marketplace are due to expire in less than 24 hours.

“This is the first time we’re experimenting with this model, but we believe that putting the companies on auction is an innovative and optimal way for companies to move to the next level gracefully—whether they choose to continue with the company or exit,” says StartupCamp founder Bart Jellema. For teams that would like to continue working on their company, the auction serves two purposes. The first is to allow team members who can no longer dedicate the time required to exit the company at the company’s current market value. The second is to allow those team members still interested in continuing working on the company to consolidate their equity. For teams opting to sell their entire website to the public, the site is awarded to the highest bidder, giving the teams an exit and the general public a chance to benefit from the weekend’s work.

The companies up for auction are:

I really like the idea that the teams behind these web apps are letting the market decide exactly what the value of each of these apps is, rather than bickering over each owner’s interpretation of perceived value or potential. I’m sure there’s more than just a little bit of competition between the teams about which app will be picked up for the largest amount too.

So which app do you think is worth the most?