Okay, so this is it.  The small stack in front are the last books of the year for me--if I can actually manage to finish them all.  The two thicker books are already in progress, one is only a novella and two are quite short.  I might be on the optimistic side, but it depends on how much time I can spend reading in the coming eight days.  I am officially on break from work, though I do have one more work-related project that I need to finish (will be working on it diligently tonight) and when I do finish the time between now and January 4 when I return to work is more or less mine. 

The stack in the back are books that are either carry-overs--books that I have been reading but are on the back-burner temporarily, or books that I plan on beginning to read in the New Year.  The Charles Tood-Bess Crawford mystery is actually my current mystery (which I have also checked out from the library as an ebook so it is my gym book!) and I am enjoying very much.  Now that I will soon have a little more free time I might end up with some other new start as well and can properly do a little planning (in the loosest sense of the word) for next year, and finally give my short story reading a little thought as well.

I have a few presents to wrap and will be making some caramel pecan brownies sometime in the next few days.  To be honest I will be happy when the holiday is finished and then I can relax--read, write letters, go to a few movies, hopefully pull out my stitching once again.  Oh, and I have a stack of books I keep threatening to write about, so there may be some marathon book-blogging sessions coming up, too.  I hope you have some fun things planned and some free time in which to do them in the coming week!  I plan on checking back in tomorrow to tell you about my 'Christmas reading'.