Stellaris Nemesis Expansion

Stellaris is one of those slow-burning RTS titles. It’s a 4X game, developed by Paradox Interactive, that has matches that can stretch on for days, if not weeks. However, an upcoming piece of DLC for the game is looking to speed up that process. The Nemesis expansion for Stellaris will give each player and faction a new set of abilities and powers that can shape the fate of the galaxy.

It’s not entirely clear what tools this new expansion will introduce. Even the press release regarding the Nemesis expansion for Stellaris was vague. However, it appears that these new tools will let players break stalemates and end wars, although both of those goals are difficult to achieve peacefully.

Part of this expansion will also push players towards more of the game’s social aspects. They will be encouraged to lie and be deceitful to other galactic players in order to pit enemies against one another. Once again, it’s not clear how the game is planning on pushing these features, although they aren’t anything new. Playing a 4X game against other human players always requires a few lies here or there to achieve your goals.

A trailer released announcing the Stellaris Nemesis expansion was also incredibly vague. Instead of showing gameplay, the trailer was more cinematic. It shows an alien sitting in a listening post as a weapon fires into a nearby star, making it explode. If these are the kinds of tools Paradox is planning to unveil with this expansion, I’m excited to see what else they have in store. Blowing up stars in Stellaris already has massive implications. Players could destroy entire empires in a single strike, or at least cripple their supply chains. If players are able to manipulate other heavenly bodies, such as black holes, we’ll be getting into some real destruction.

So far, the Stellaris Nemesis expansion doesn’t have a release date, although it will be coming soon.

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