The STLHE 2017 conference is asking for reviewers willing to review proposals for the upcoming conference.

The conference theme for this year is Gateways in Higher Education: Cultures, Transitions and Transformations. Within this broad theme, we are asking for reviewers who might be able and interested in reviewing across several conference threads, including:

  • Assessment for Learning
  • Learner and Learning-Centred Course Design
  • Teaching Practices to Support Experiential Learning
  • Indigenization of Higher Education
  • Internationalization of Higher Education
  • Motivating and Understanding Learners
  • Understanding and Supporting Faculty and Instructors
  • Innovations in E-Learning
  • Faculty and Student Partnerships in Higher Education
  • Learning Thresholds (Threshold Concepts and Decoding the Disciplines)
  • Leadership of Change and Innovation in Teaching and Learning

The proposal submission deadline is December 12th.

The review period will begin as soon as possible after the close of submissions, and the goal is for all reviews to be completed by January 15th. We anticipate that we will assign no more than 5-7 proposals per reviewer (depending on both the number of proposals and the number of reviewers).

If you are interested in participating as a reviewer, please fill out our reviewer information form at:

More information about the conference is available at:

Sincerely (and on behalf of the Conference Steering Committee),

Brad Wuetherick
Dalhousie University
STLHE/SAPES 2017 Co-Chair

Please join us on Twitter @STLHE_2017 and Instagram stlhesapes2017