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What you’ll learn
Stock and Commodity Trading without indicators and oscillators. Without even candlestick patterns or basic price action techniques
To derive support and resistance levels plus breakout points by using Aurora Candle.
Trading system – Trigger points where to initiate trade / stop loss and targets
Find the universal trading rules. 2 principles of Dow Theory explained as a source of price structure.
It’s based on totally new and original concept of price action in the field of technical analysis. Discovered by JMC Team.

Identifying the energy points on the charts, where very strong support and resistance levels can be formed and on the breakout of supports and resistances targets can be predefined. Just by energy points you can build the future road map.

In this course no indicator or oscillator is used. Neither the averages nor the standard deviation is used, not even the candlestick patterns. Concept used in this course is based on Aurora Candles and it’s so simple that even a school going student can also understand easily. Most of the contents are explained on real time charts. I believe strongly that trading can’t be learned with theoretic equations. You need to spend too many hours on charts to understand the patterns and behavior of the price movements. More you practice on the charts, start getting the sense of the market price behavior and the day comes when you start forecasting the next move OR at least not trading in a wrong direction.

This is not only a course only but my research paper. I welcome those who want to be the part of this research and development in the area of price action.

Addition to it in bonus section, there are 2 more lectures on:

1) Briefing of Dow Theory and

2) Breakout strategy

are also added now. Just one or 2 months back, when this course was published had near to 2 hrs of video contents, now today as on June 19th has 4 hr 20 min of video contents. I believe in very short span of time, more contents will be added to this course with the help of all my students and team members. I thanks all the students from core of my heart for such a overwhelming response. God bless you all.

Who this course is for:
stock / commodities / FOREX (foreign exchange) traders.
price action strategy, technical analysis traders, chart reader,
Those who like the research and development – New Concepts.

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