According to a new patent, Sony looks like it will be implementing a feature for stuck players.

We all know what it’s like – you’re in a boss fight or trying to complete a puzzle in a game that you just can’t beat and need some advice quick. Of course, there’s always Twitter who are usually great at answering all of your tricky questions, but it seems like Sony might be coming up with a better solution.

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For those old enough to remember, Nintendo did something similar all the way back in 1987, ending in 2005, with “Nintendo Game Play Counselors” which was a hotline that players could call when they got themselves into a spot of trouble.

Help, I need somebody!

With the times moving on and video games becoming a little more complex with many more bosses to beat and incredibly hard puzzles to solve, according to World Intellectual Property Organization Sony has filed a patent that aims to help players by getting advice from an expert.

To make this all work and thanks to Gamerant, the player’s gameplay would be sent via a stream to a server to then match up against another gameplay of the same game. When the player asks for some help, their gameplay would then be synced up to another player who has already beaten that particular area of the game.

From there, players who have already agreed to help other gamers who are stuck will get a ping informing them that someone needs some help or advice and then be able to sort it all out via the PS4 or PS5 audio feature or through the PlayStation app.

It’s a really cool idea and something I think would be incredibly handy to have on hand. That’s aslong as you can aviod the dreaded online trolls.

Of course, this patent may never see the light of day as numerous other patents are filed by Sony all the time which never see implemented but it’s exciting to see how many unique and interesting features Sony are actually willing to consider.

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