How can Ilford Photo persuade the young people to embrace analogue photography and its craft, and how this can have a positive effect on their being? This is concept work for a student project Target Audience: Young, culturally sophisticated, outward looking and anxious individuals.

This was a campaign close to my heart. I have always had a passion for analogue photography and its craft. With the younger generation getting back into analogue photography, and public darkrooms slowly disappearing (especially outside London), I wanted to raise awareness in order to foster the art of photography and its craft for the younger generation. They may miss out on the opportunity to experience the darkroom. The nostalgia and magic you feel within the darkroom is sometimes indescribable until you are actually in one. Therefore, I wanted the younger generation, to come together, to capture photos, and have an opportunity to experience the magic of the darkroom.

With this, I created the campaign ‘Negative to Positive’, which references the film or ‘negatives’ you produce as well as referring to the good the younger generation are doing by joining this campaign.

Inspiration: Negative to Positive logo was inspired by the motion of the film tank, when you agitate it during the film processing stage.

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