France is a common tourist destination all year long, especially with favorites such as Nice, Paris, and Marseille. However, there is much to be seen and experienced from its lesser known, but equally captivating, smaller town counterparts. Here is a list that you should include on your travel list this 2017.

(1) Chamonix – a ski village that is captivating during winter with an adorable market on Christmas season. During the summer, it is an excellent hiking and biking setting with tantalizing views of the mountains.

(2) Colmar – home to Renaissance architecture, with medieval homes and cobblestone streets.

(3) Amiens – now a UNESCO World Heritage site, it will lure in tourists with its warm belfry ambiance.

(4) Lourmarin – a beautiful village that comes alive during summertime, thanks to many boutiques, terraced cafes, and restaurants beyond your wildest dreams.

(5) Èze – found near Nice, this historic hilltop has the best medieval architecture, botanical gardens, and cobblestone streets. You can view the Mediterranean from a perfect vantage point, too.

(6) Annecy – if you’re looking for some old-worldy charm, then this Alpine town is the perfect destination for you.

(See the photos of these small towns, in chronological order below.)