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Supercharged Analytics for Prometheus Metrics with Spark, Presto, & Superset - Rob Skillington & Gibbs Cullen, Chronosphere

Prometheus continues to make it simple to alert, monitor and understand systems in a cloud native world with growing complexity. New connectors to big data query engines such as Spark and Presto enable us to ask more complex questions than ever before. We can ask questions such as “Which of my deployments in Kubernetes account for the majority of compute and network costs, and how has that grown and shrunk with respect to doing real work such as query volume from users?” We’ll walk through a working example to run Superset and Presto in docker connected to a remote Prometheus to perform advanced SQL queries of arbitrary size reliably without timeout. We’ll also demo joining metrics data using the Kubernetes node name Prometheus label to detailed Kubernetes object metadata (events, pods, etc) collected by Fluentd using a simple SQL join thanks to Presto’s query federation capabilities.