Rails i18n supports lazy lookup so that if you have a locales file shaped like this:

   title: "Stay Up To Date With The Latest Happenings"

You can reference the value in newsletter_cta.title via t('.title') when in app/views/_newsletter_cta.html.erb

In many Rails applications, I extract partials to encapsulate components so any HTML/CSS oriented team member doesn't have to learn how to write helper methods when writing components; and so we don't wind up with copy-pasted code that would necessitate massive pain when upgrading or shifting the underlying UI framework.

Here's an example of a bootstrap section:

# app/views/application/_section.html.erb
<section class="section-wrap">
  <div class="container">
    <%= yield %>

Which I can then use in other views, like this:

# app/views/_newsletter_cta.html.erb
<%= render "section" do %>
  <h2><%= t('newsletter_cta.title') %></h2>
  <%= render "cta-button", text: t('newsletter_cta.title') %> 
<% end %>

This works fine, so long as don't rely on lazy lookup and I hardcode the full lookup string for the translation.

However, as soon as I use lazy lookups the translation is not found.

# app/views/_newsletter_cta.html.erb 
<%= render "section" do %>
  <h2><%= t('.title') %></h2>
  <%= render "cta-button", text: t('.title') %> 
<% end %>

Tracing through to the translate method in ActionView::Helpers::TranslationHelper we see that it relies on a method named scope_key_by_partial which in turn, relies on an instance variable @virtual_path.

Do any of y'all know of a way to preserve the virtual path while using partials with blocks? Is there a gem somewhere that changes this behavior? I'm a bit surprised no one else has stumbled into this.