T-Mobile has been in the news a lot of late, mostly because of its proposed merger with Dish. The ‘Uncarrier’ has been linked to Dish for a while now, but that’s not the only reason we’ve been reading about them. Just the other day, the company announced it will offer 3-in-1 SIMs, meaning it will include an adapter to make your nano SIM compatible with any phone you’ll ever use. More interestingly, the company also announced it will introduce a new $10 one week pass for unlimited talk and text. It will be offered from the 28th of this month, and T-Mobile is pitching it as a “great option for tourists and customers looking for unlimited usage for a short window of time”.

However, not everything is rosy for T-Mobile customers unfortunately. The company’s wildly popular 2 for $100 and 4 for $100 plans are going to be a thing of the past if a recent report is to be believed. According to TmoNews, the company has issued a circular, saying “Sales Associates will have a last chance to sell the unbelievably popular 2 for $100 and 4 for $100 Family Plans until the close of business on 6/27. At store opening on 6/28, the unbelievably popular 2 for $100 and 4 for $100 Family Plans will no longer be available to new customers”. T-Mobile however says that customers who are already on either of the two offerings or who are about to sign-up within the next few days, will get to keep their plans and will be able to add lines as well. It’s just that T-Mobile won’t be offering these plans to new customers anymore. The plans however, will still be available to new customers in Puerto Rico, but the local 4 for $90 plan will be discontinued from 6/28.

For the uninitiated, the 4 for $100 plan from T-Mobile gives unlimited talk and text along with 2.5 GB data for each line, as part of a family plan. The 2 for $100 plan meanwhile, gives you unlimited LTE data along with the obligatory unlimited talk and text on both lines for just $100. The schemes were introduced back in 2014 as part of one of T-Mobile’s ‘Uncarrier’ moves, and has proven to be extremely popular. It remains to be seen what T-Mobile can come up with to substitute these plans, so as to remain attractive enough for new subscribers looking for a bargain.

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