Tableau + Amazon Advertising

We are excited to announce that Tableau Desktop and Server users can now leverage our Amazon Advertising managed service data integration.

Why Tableau users want to tap into Amazon advertising platform data

The highest-performing sellers on Amazon drive performance by taking advantage of a key resource available to them, Amazon Advertising performance data. Leading sellers recognize that data is the key to unlocking insights that drive purchases, optimize Ad spend, target special offers, and promotions.

The Amazon Advertising data pipeline gives users a fast, code-free opportunity to tap into the performance data the pros are using.

Our Amazon Advertising data pipeline delivers Tableau users a zero administration, full automated feeds for analytics and reporting. This means no technical development or engineering implementations to manage for product advertising API operations.

What’s possible with data from the Amazon product advertising API and Tableau

For data-driven Amazon advertisers, our service will supply key performance information so you can measure the impact of advertising investments. This will allow you to plan with confidence, optimize spend, and measure marketing strategies.

This is a perfect solution for an Amazon seller central and vendor central team that;

  • want to calculate return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • are looking to uncover the advertising cost of sales (ACOS)
  • create 360 retail insights by fusing Ad data with shopping activity around your products before, during, and after a campaign
  • are seeking to optimize AMZ Advertising investments while creating efficiencies with internal systems
  • want to quickly connect Tableau sales and BI efforts with AMZ Advertising data
  • want to consolidate their AMZ Advertising with other paid media data in a private cloud data warehouse like Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, Google BigQuery and Snowflake.

What Amazon Advertising data do we deliver to Tableau users?

Our Amazon Advertising service provides performance data for sponsored products, sponsored brands, stores, display ads, videos ads, as well as ads within the Amazon DSP. We provide a broad array of Ad related activities like keywords, search ads, product display ads, and sponsored product ads.

There are seven specific types of Advertising data for use with Tableau;

  • Campaigns
  • Ad Group
  • Keyword
  • Product Ads (Note: This is available for Sponsored Products only)
  • ASINs (Note: This is available for Sponsored Products only.)
  • Product Attribute Targeting
  • Sponsored Brands

These categories result in nine tables that we collect, route and load to your private warehouse or data lake:

  1. amzadvertising_hsa_adgroups
  2. amzadvertising_hsa_campaigns
  3. amzadvertising_hsa_keywords
  4. amzadvertising_sp_adgroups
  5. amzadvertising_sp_asins
  6. amzadvertising_sp_campaigns
  7. amzadvertising_sp_keywords
  8. amzadvertising_sp_productads
  9. amzadvertising_sp_targets

There are two main buckets, Sponsored Products, and Sponsored brands. They are denoted in the table names with _sp_” (Sponsored Products) and “_hsa_” (Sponsored Brands)

Get Started Today

We ❤️what the Tableau + Amazon Product Advertising API data integration can do to accelerate sales growth and optimizing operations. There is no need for you to become a product advertising API developer, we handle it all for you.

We know the pros use Amazon performance data as a critical input to optimizing performance and accelerating sales growth. Openbridge has unlocked the Amazon Advertising data source to deliver a fully automated, code-free flow information to your data warehouse in minutes.

Openbridge has unlocked the advertising performance data critical to optimizing sales and accelerating sales growth.

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