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How to Turn Failed AI Initiatives into Real Business Value

85% of AI projects ultimately fail. Why? It's not just that building and training models have their challenges. Addressing the end-to-end challenges of delivering production AI requires tooling developed for the specific case of DevOps of machine learning - MLOps. Despite the increased interest in and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the enterprise, 85% of AI projects ultimately fail. This is in part because data...

  • Nick Ball
  • Luke Marsden
3 min read
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Why Mentoring is Key for Your IT Career

Mentoring others is more than just a feel-good way to give back. It also happens to be good for your IT career. But the first thing to understand is that mentoring and managing are not the same thing. “Mentoring means something completely different than managing,” says David Dremann Jr., director of information technology and custom IT services at IT firm BLM Technologies. “A mentor focuses individual interest and...

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Payton's Annual Yearly Review

So, we’ve had another year of tech under our belt.  I’ll admit, I’m a bit out of the loop this year due to a lot of personal goings on, but I did take note of the big developments. First, the iPhone is losing its luster.  Why?  Phone calls on it suck.  Newer devices such as the Droid phone are getting much better reviews for them actually being a phone, and that matters a lot.  Even Saturday Night...

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Creating Chemistry With People

At some time in your life I am sure you have created some chemistry with people. It happened to me when I was quite young. My voice hadn't even changed yet. Oh, I just realised, I don't mean the chemistry created by pheromones and hormones. I mean the chemistry and other sciences I learned when I was in high school. Those younger years are generally when our path in life can be most influenced. At those times everything is new,...

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Should You Offer Tablets to Your Employees?

Many small business owners have noticed that offering tablets for employees will not only boost productivity but also improve client satisfaction. Especially, when you have mobile workforce, tablets come in more handy than laptops. Compact design, efficient power consumption and easy-to-use touchscreen brings advantages for your on-the-go employees. When your goal is to be more effective, organized and quick, tablets will boost...