Share Volume Between Multiple Containers in Docker Compose

1. Overview Docker containers are isolated environments. However, containers sometimes need to persist and share data. It may happen when a second container needs to access a shared cache or use database data. We may also need to backup or perform operations on user-generated data. In this short tutorial, we'll see how to share data between Docker containers with an example using Docker Compose. 2. Persist and Share Data with Docker...

Top 5 use cases for Google Cloud Spot VMs explained + best practices

Cloud was built on the premise of flexible infrastructure that grows and shrinks with your application demands. Applications that can take advantage of this elastic infrastructure and scale horizontally with the demands of your application offer significant advantages over competitors by allowing infrastructure costs to scale up and down along with the demand. Google Cloud’s Spot VMs enable our customers to make the most of our idle...

  • Paul BrouwersCustomer Engineer
  • Google Cloud
6 min read