Special Issue: Decolonising queer games and play

We are very excited to announce our latest Special Issue! In this issue, we focused on the voices and experiences of queer and trans people of colour, and efforts to decolonizing the games studies space. With amazing work by our guest editor, Khee Hoon Chan, and our fantastic contributors, this issue focuses on decentering colonial views of queer games and play, the weaponizing of Black Gender, trans readings of games, and new...

  • Khee Hoon Chan
  • Sabrina Sgandurra
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  • Patrick Dolan
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The majority of psychology journal editors are men and based in the US

By Matthew Warren Journal editors are like science’s gatekeepers: they decide what gets published and what doesn’t, affecting the careers of other academics and influencing the direction that a field takes. You’d hope, then, that journals would do everything they can to establish a diverse editorial board, reflecting a variety of voices, experiences, and identities. So a new study in Nature Neuroscience makes for disheartening...