Flush with spectrum-sale dollars, a Pennsylvania PBS station is doubling down on a different kind of local news

Hailed as a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity for local TV stations, the FCC’s spectrum auction last year drove billions of dollars to hundreds of broadcasters across the country. The windfall of cash came from wireless carriers seeking infrastructure for more powerful networks, and now the proceeds are landing in the stations’ bank accounts. So what are the local TV stations doing with a little extra coin? While some are using...

Podcast: Northeastern alumni weigh in on the challenges facing local TV news

There’s no denying that local television news is at a crossroads. Traditional broadcasts face increasing competition from the internet, forcing stations to either adapt or face the possibility of losing their relevance altogether. In search for answers, Northeastern graduate students Shraddha Kakade and Veer Mudambi interviewed three Northeastern alumni who are now working in local television news. All three have been in the business...

  • Shraddha Kakade
  • Veer Mudambi
1 min read

Local TV news stations experiment with podcasting

A mystery that’s shaken a small southern Michigan town for more than eight years and has several times found its way into the national news spotlight is being told again under a more innovative and investigative lens. In February, Detroit’s NBC affiliate WDIV (Channel 4), launched Shattered: Black Friday, a Serial-esque podcast that follows the story of the disappearance of Tanner, Alexander, and Andrew Skelton, three brothers from...

  • Will Bryan
  • Brooks Sutherland
2 min read